XCHN Token


Though we will be offering top crypto currency’s to businesses, accepting XCHN will bring its perks for both consumers and businesses.

XCHN Payment Incentives:

XCHN was developed as an incentive coin that would allow consumers new methods in receiving discounts not only with purchases but also for services.

Utilizing XCHN will allow consumers up to 25% discounts with businesses within our network

We realized the need for a rewarding payment method that both, consumer & business can benefit the rewards XCHN has to offer

Win Win for everyone !

XCHAIN Business Rewards:

35% bonus payments in XCHN

No Monthly Fees

Free 24/7 Support

XCHAIN Consumer Rewards:

Up to 25% discounts when using XCHN with businesses with in our network.

Access to our e-mail subscription service with exclusive contest & giveaways