About Our CEO

Alexander Higgins CEO:

I’ve had a passion for all things electronic from a young age. My first PC was a Commodore 64 and I couldn’t ever convince my kids today that this was high tech, lol. I was that guy that everyone came to ask if I could Mod there Play Station 1’s.

I Studied Computer Science 91-94 Miami, Fl and shortly after I started my own IT Company and operated it thru most of the 90’s with a total of 3 employees.

Towards early 2000 I decided to move to a small town in Alabama with my family, and opened up a small IT Company & currently over seeing the day to day business.

I found myself in blockchain in 2014 when bitcoin was around $700. I was working for a client and was asked about it and if I knew how to buy it. During this time I knew nothing of it, nor was I interested. My client offered to pay me to help him figure out how he can obtain some, and I took him on that offer. I did some research and after going thru some forums and searching the internet, I found blockchain.info. Once I had him set up he bought his 1st bitcoin, actually 50 BTC’s. Then the kicker, he offered to pay me 2 bitcoins for my assistance of maybe a total of 4-5 hrs of my time and I denied and said I prefer cash. 😂

In 2016 the same client wanted me to find him some casascius bitcoin and I ended up finding 6 from 4 sellers averaging around $1000 each. Note during this time, I myself had been sold on btc and been acquiring my own on coinbase, so of course I wanted to buy myself a few of those casascius. In the ended up acquiring 2 of the 6.

In mid 2016 I found XRP and all I could say still till this day is acquire, to anyone I knew.

Then late 2021 I was having discussion with some of my close IT friends on starting our very own blockchain. We went back & forth a few weeks, from building our own protocol from scratch to utilizing Etherium or XRPL.

In the end I had the last word, and decided there was only one choice. This was the turning point for us and for the next few months we discussed and developed XCHN.